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its keeps filling with water and wont start wash

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asked Feb 19, 2017 in Washingmachine by need fix
Its keeps on filling with water.even wster lever is ok and wont work on wash and rinse but the spin is ok help pls .how to fix

1 Answer

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It is important that we must know model of your washing machine so that we can give most suitable solution for your model. So please try to send your model number. But it is a common problem that happens in most of washing machines. Here are reasons and solution for improper rinsing and washing:

  • Overloading the washing machine with clothing can cause an improper rinse. Adding just one large blanket may make your washer not able to fully rinse. Reduce the size of your wash load.
  • If you have a bad drain pump or a clogged pump this will affect the rinsing of your clothing. The pump in your washer may not be able to fully get all the water out as there may be something jammed in the pump. This will cause a restriction and the water will not flow out therefore not rinse properly. Remove the drain pump to see if something is stuck in it.
  • The drain hose is attached to the drain pump and goes to the wall to drain out. A bend in the drain hose will cause improper rinsing leaving soap and detergent residue. A drain hose blockage can cause dirty rinse water to back up and come back into the drum. Make sure the hose is not bent and free of debris.
  • Tub should be cleaned properly before washing.
answered Feb 20, 2017 by danis (11,200 points)