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on canon iPF681 printer how do you reload paper?

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  • Press load button on printer.
  • On printer screen, different types of paper categories would be displayed.
  • Choose that one you are going to be use.
  • Printer starts requesting command. Choose yes.
  • After selecting yes, the screen says open the raw paper unit cover. Open it.
  • Now lift up the roll from setup.
  • Lift up the cover from one end of roll. And slightly remove it.
  • Now take out your existing media from it. And insert new one in it.
  • Now close the end of paper roll with cover that your previously remove.
  • Now gently place the roll in its place.( In printer setup)
  • Make sure that your media should be fitted tightly b/w both ends of roll.

Above steps are the main and short term steps for the realoading of paper in ip681, but for more details and long term steps please take visit to Canon iPF681 Manual

answered Mar 2, 2017 by danis (11,200 points)
selected Mar 2, 2017 by support