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Can i use an ursu-8780l twc remote to set up bd-p2550 blu ray player

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You can also setup Samsung Bd-p2550 without using any ursu remote by following manner:
-With the player in stop mode, press menu button.
-Press the ?? button to select setup and choose enter.
-Press the ?? button to select network and choose enter.
-Network selection should be highlighted and should be set to cable.
- Press ? and ? button to select cable network and then press enter. Make sure that DCHP is set to ON and DNS is set to AUTO. ------Press ? and ? button to select save and press enter button.
-Press ? and ? buttons to select network connection test and press enter button and the network connection test will begin automatically.
All above steps shows how you establish successful connection. For more brief explanation check Samsung BD-P2550 Manual- https://guideusermanual.com/product-name-bd-p2550-manual&po=38391&lang=English
answered Apr 17, 2017 by danis (11,200 points)
selected Jun 13, 2017 by support