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I have x2 Canon Pixma MG2540 printers showing 5BOO error messages and not printing..HELP!

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What’s causing the problem:

As more and more ink spills take place on your ink cartridges, due to proper ink cartridge or continuous ink system installation, the 5B00 error message will be more likely to appear on your canon printer.

Solution 1:

  • Turn off the printer
  • Press and hold the "Stop/Reset" button
  • Press and hold "Power On" button
  • While holding the "Power On" button, release the "Stop/Reset" button
  • While holding still the "Power On" button, press twice the "Stop/Reset" button
  • Release the "Power On" button
  • Wait until it display an "idle" message. It will take about 60 seconds.
  • When "idle" appears, open the top cover to expose the cartridges.
  • Lift up the cover for cartridge holder and take out both the black and color cartridges
  • Return the cover of cartridge holder and turn off the printer
  • Return the top cover and turn on the printer again
  • After the printer initialize, return the cartridges.



answered Feb 6, 2016 by anonymous
edited Feb 6, 2016 by support